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They sing [female] something like "passion, temptation". Anyone knows?
Is this the theme song from the show, a song from a promo for the show, or a song in the show?
i don't think the show has premiered yet... i know i saw a promo for the show and it had a cool song. but i think there are a few ads for it. so, i dont know if this is the right forum ????
Yeah, I just saw an ad for it a little while ago and they were using "Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank....don't know if that helps at all? ;)
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Hmm...moved where? :) Seemed the logical place to drop in. Will try a search.

Sounds a wee bit like Morcheeba.

[Edit: Regarding the thread move, just clicked. :) ]
NBC says they are using a song by Wendy Starland in the promo for "Hawaii." That song is called "Garden of Temptation." You should check out the "music" section on her website. (FYI: Sections of the site contain some images that might not be safe for work -- No full on nudity, just arms covering up the risque stuff.)
there is another ad for this new show...and i wanna get the song. its not a new song because i know i have heard it before. its a man in a band singing, but u really cant tell what he is saying. its not the song crawling in the dark....its a different band. if u can help that would be great
i just heard this song while watching the olympics in the background of beach volleyball....it kinda goes like this:

dig it up dig it up dig it up...my serona

or somehting like that. i cant figure it out
Thank you all, especially Michelle, it is Wendy Starland and I checked her website, plus got the song.
I need help finding a different Hawaii song. It's not by any of the artists mentioned, and it sort of has a dance tune to it. They played the trailer Tuesday the 24th towards the beginning of the night-time coverage of the Olympics.
Does anyone know what the song at the very end of the show was? Female vocalist, a little new-agey...I'm almost positive it wasn't the Wendy Starling song.