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Ok. I have absolutely no clue what the commercial is. But they sing a song that goes like "All I want is to go somewhere..." "Somewhere blank in the blank out there...".
The blanks mean I don't know the words. But this song has been stuck in my head all day and I know it's from a commercial that airs a lot!!! I know I didn't give you much, but please help me!!!
I can't remember what the ad is that goes with the following song, but I've heard it on the TV a lot recently...

"Wouldn't It Be Loverly" from the broadway show/movie "My Fair Lady"

The lyrics from the original song --

All I want is a room somewhere,
Far away from the cold night air.
With one enormous chair,
Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?

I think it's a rock cover if I remember correctly, heard in the ad. The original version was done by Julie Andrews (in the Broadway production of "My Fair Lady") and Audrey Hepburn did a version (for the movie). Both links go to available audio samples (Andrew's version, track 2. Hepburn's is misnumbered and is actually track 3).
Woot Woot!!!! Thx Michelle! You have made my day!!! :p
Oops. Sorry About the double post. Umm, it sort of sounds like the song. Maybe they did a rock version just for the commercial. <_<
Does anyone know the song playing in the Hampton Inn ad that plays on the weather channel? The spot is showcasing the Hampton Inn registration on the web feature.

I'm trying to find the same song. It's on the Hampton Inn spot. It is a cover, but I'm not sure who is playing it.
Hi I'm new to this, but I have been looking into finding out more about this song as well. I did write an email to the Hampton Inn people and I actually got a timely response. Funny I mentioned in my email that I knew it was a remake of an old song from the musical "My Fair Lady," and this was their response...


Thank you for your interest in the Hampton commercial.

The music is a custom track written and performed specifically for the advertisements. The songs are not available commercially. We are contractually restricted from releasing the singer's name to the public in the best interest of the artist. However, we would be happy to send you a DVD with both commercials.

Thanks for staying with Hampton,


If you were an artist with people interested in your work wouldn't you want your name released? Also they said it was written specifically for the ad...hmmm....but hey I get a DVD :eek:k:
I dont remember what hotel it was for but does anyone know the name of the song. It goes like "all i want is a ??? a great escape beyond compare"
I think thats a version "Wouldn't it be Loverly" from the musical My Fair Lady.
Can anyone tell me the song for the hotel or motel commercial thats goes like this :All i want is a place somewhere.....All i want is.......
Its a version of "Wouldn't it be Loverly" from the musical My Fair Lady.