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there is a song that I have heard for halloween and I think the name is Halloween Party but when i search Halloween Party Music on the Web it gives me albums of Halloween party music. but the song goes something like:

'everybody up and down the block.......HALLOWEEN PARTY'
'you're all dressed up with no where to rock..........HALLOWEEN PARTY'

something like that.......it is more of a dancy tune but not too fast.....it is a guy as lead vocals...wish i knew more....any help would be great......thanks gang!
thank you so very much! that is it. the other songs on that album sound good too. Thanks very much!

I am hosting a halloween party next week and would like some halloween songs to play during the party. Thanks!
Hell on Wheels 2 by DJ P

That actually takes to to Hell on Wheels 1 which I haven't heard but you can click down below on the Hell on Wheels 2. I have this CD and it is excellent.
A few tunes to add ...

Theme song from "The Munsters"...

Theme song from "The Addams Family"...

A fun little ditty ... "Purple People Eater" ...

A weird little ditty ... "They're Coming to Take Me Away" ...

If you like goofy kinds of songs like the last two I gave you ...
Then check out compilations and such put out by Dr. Demento ... fun guy with a fun sense of humor! ... :p


There you go.
A few more selections (yeah, I know, time has basically run out here, but I couldn't resist! LOL!) ...

Rocky Horror Picture Show OST - especially "The Time Warp" ...

Mike Oldfield - "Tubular Bells" - theme from Halloween (the movie) ...

Grieg - "In the Hall of the Mountain King" ...

Theme song from the old TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" ...

X-Files TV show music ...

Song: "Witchy Woman" ...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Bad Moon Rising" ...

Song: "Evil Woman" ...

Santana - "Black Magic Woman" ...

Heart - "Magic Man" ...

CD comp: New Wave Halloween ...

Song: "Freaks Come Out at Night" ...

etc. ... etc. ... etc. ... (I could go on and on, but ... I'll stop! LOL! )


Happy Halloween!

:sick: :angel: :spidey: :smurf: :elvis: :devil: :evil: :ph34r: B) (hey, hey, hey, it's my own little group of trick-or-treaters! LOL! )

There you go.
I thought since people on this site are more inclined to have deep musical taste, we should list some great halloween/scary/mysterious/dark type music.

My contributions: you can listen to sample at the itunes music store.

In the hall of the mountain king - Grieg
Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Bach (i know, but it is the quintessential)
Night on Bald Mountain - Mussorgsky
Prelude in C sharp Minor - Rachmaninov
Tales from the Crypt Theme - ?
Fire on High - ELO
Frontier Psychiatrist - The avalaches (i really like this one)

That's all i can think of right now.

Post some good ones. I love this kind of music.
Winter's Spell by the Hogwarts Choir (from 'Prisoner of Azkaban')

Half Light by Low

My Little Box by John Frizzel

Sleepy Hollow by Danny Elfman

Seet Dream by Marilyn Manson

to name a few...
Bauhaus - Bela Legosi Is Dead
The Cure - Almost anything off of Disentigration
Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over


Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the moon
Alice Cooper - Welcome to my nightmare
Metallica - Enter sandman
Rob Zombie - Living dead girl
Michael Jackson - Thriller
KC & The sunshine band - I'm your boogie man
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
Thanks for the suggestions, i got a couple to add:

In the House - 28 days later original soundtrack.
Halloween trance mix - Mars & Mystre
I have some great ones. I had to burn a Halloween/Fall CD for work this year, and it's a great hit. I've had customers trying to buy it right out of the CD player.

- "Tombstone" Suzanne Vega
- "October Song" Bif Naked
- "Thriller" Micheal Jackson
- "Witchy Woman" The Eagles
- "Halloween" Three (3)
- "This is Halloween" The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
- "Dead Man's Party" Oingo Boingo
- "Transylvanian Concubine" Rasputina
- "Ribcage Mambo" Frenchy
- "My beloved monster" Eels
- "Halloween" Siouxsie and the Banshees
- "October" U2
- "Werewolves of London" Warren Zevon
-"Zombie" the Cranberries
- "Zombie Zoo" Tom Petty
- "Devil Woman" Cliff Richards
- "Dead Girl" Acid Bath or Agents of Oblivion
- "Halloween" Drop Kick Murphys

Anything by Danny Elfman (especially soundtracks from: Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Beetlejuice); the Famous Monsters album by the Misfits; various covers of the song "Halloween" by different bands.

I could go on, but I'm getting tired of typing.