Guitar Hero 3 with Slash


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Anybody know what song is being played in the newest Guitar Hero 3 commercial w/ Slash? I can't find the song on my Setlist and was curious to what song is being played in that commercial. Thanks.
I tried...but it doesn't appear that the TV spot is anywhere on youTube...has anybody else seen it?
Anyone know what song that is? I'm assuming it's in the game if it's in the commercial. It's the commercial where Slash is playing the game and there are other people playing it as well.
Actually, this song recently became available for the xbox360 version via downloadable content. Just a heads up.
Does any body know that song that is being played in that commercial where there are a lot of hot air balloons falling from the sky. My brother told me it was kiss but I have no idea what song it might be. Can anyone help?
It's a Poison song, "Nothin' But a Good Time." I have no idea where the commercial version, with the kids singing, comes from, or if it exists outside the spot. The original song is on the album Open Up and Say...Ahh! and probably a couple other places to boot.
released recently? I've had this song for almost a year :blink:
The song has been out since 2003, but it only became available in November for Guitar Hero 3