Gran Turismo 4

i really want to know too, i love this trailer.
(love the game too lol)

"whats being said
whats in your head
whats in the words that we believe
drop to the sound
drop what you got
cause its a song inside of me
i can see your face
i can feel the sea
i see that its a part of me
lets brake the trance
lets make em dance
and see what we are meant to be

might be the end
might be the start
could be the air that lies between
could it be this song
could be the beat
could be the words that set you free

you say you leave
i dont believe
i dont believe in what you say
i would rather you be part of me
a part that you will never see

(not sure) what we should believe"

song 2:

"this guy you nkow you gotta leave town
(cutting out)

you came to me to be free
to be you
(all that got cut clue why)
so now you should see
whats wrong in front of you
whats wrong in front of me"
Got it.
first song is

"what to Believe" by D.S.
2nd song

"Break Down" by D.S. ? dont know them

but both songs can be found here
(found from the GTP forum in GT4 video's section:

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The GT4 trailer is straight up an awesome game trailer. It's the only trailer I've ever multiply watched, and never tire of. Check out the editing with the music cues. Sick am I, me knows. Is it just me?... yeah lol.

Muchas gracias for the link, XCNuse.

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Both songs are now on heavy rotation in my playlist. And who the heck is D.S.? I wonder if these songs are available commercially. I'm guessing they were commissioned for the game.

Anyway, I totally recommend both songs from the trailer, What to Believe and Break Down. Play the game, and then actually drive whilst bumping the songs (i.e. cruising in a real car). It's a trip! Just watch your speed, though.

Here's the lyrics to What to Believe, near as I can figure...

What's being said
What's in your head
What's in the words that we believe
Rock to the sound
Drop what you got
'Cause it's a song inside of me

I can see your face
I can feel the sea
I see that it's a part of me
Let's break the trance
Let's make them dance
And see what we are meant to be

Might be the end
Might be the start
Could be the air that lies between
Could it be this song
Could it be the beat
Could be the words that set you free

You say you leave
I don't believe
I can't believe in what you say
I'd rather be a part of me
A part that you will never see

Tell us what we should believe

What's on the beach
What's in the air
What's in the water that we drink
Could be a spell
Could be a dream
Could be the demons inside me

Now I need a thrill
And I need a kill
I need release from what we build
It's not a place
And not a face
It's just a place to contemplate

I can be the wind
I can be the sail
I'll be the skate beneath your feet
All I wanna see
All I wanna feel
I want to know what's soon to be

You say you'll leave
I don't believe
I can't believe you want to say
I'd rather be a part of me
A part that you will never see

Tell us what we should believe
kay how do you play .m4a format files? i tried dling those songs from the trailor but i dunno how to play them, can anyone help?
Your download links have been removed -- this isn't a file trading forum -- see Forum Rules.

sorry, but that was a link that was set in the GTP forums, those are NOT my Files.

so with all due respect, the owners of GT Planet obviously kept the link for a reason.

therefore i see no reason that link is not allowed to be spread throughout the internet.
There is this GT4 trailer i downloaded ages ago, i remember it was up for download towards the end of 2003 or something. the filename was gt4tgstr.mpg
it has this kool song playing throughout the trailer.
i can only tell u some of the lyrics... theres one part where some chick is singing "i just wanna lift my hands, i just wanna scream and shout!" and theres this man saying something and thats played constantly throughout the whole song.. i cant really make out wat he's saying =S
and then towards the end theres another chick singing something like "i'm gonna take u to another *something*"

its a really kool song, ill try and extract some of the audio and host it somewhere so i can post the link here if i hav to.
anywayz thanks in advance! =)
There's a song playing during the Vision Gran Turismo trailer that was at last year's E3. I can't make out much of the lyrics except when the guy is yelling "RISE AND FALL" at least that's what I think he's saying. There's also congos at the begining. Does anyone know what this song is?