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Does anyone know what the song is in the new commercial for Good Morning America commercial? Was it just made for the commercial? I don't really know any of the words. I think I saw the commercial last friday and I just now remembered that I wanted to know who sang it and what the title is. Any help would be much appreciated!
I also saw this goes through shots of the GMA hosts with a woman singing a rock n roll like song with these lyrics "how does it be in the know"...anyone know who the artist is? I went on the Good Morning America website to search, they have message boards on there so I'm hoping people have brought it up, so I'll check that out.
I checked out ABC's Good Morning America website. Here's a link to the article that talks about Julie Robert's singing 'Good To Go' for their commercial.
Check out Chemical Brothers "Let Forever Be" (sample at Amazon, on Singles collection, track 8). This Julie Roberts song is a DIRECT rip-off! (Um, or is it a cover?)