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Hello Im wondering if anyone can pick out a song from the movie go. The song can be heard quite clearly while Rohna is at Todd's house trying to "score" some X. Todd thinks she is a "Narc" so he whispers in her ear to take off her shirt and then he blasts the song of which name I wish to know and she turns around in her bra and he turns down the music and yells at her a bit. This song was also used years ago for Levi's commercail it was the first commercail for thier engeneerd jeans. But that is all I know and I can get a better description of the scene from go so that is why I have posted this here.

Thanx :D
I know the movie well, and I know the scene you mean, but I can't recall which one it is. Here's your list of choices though. Maybe I'll haul out my dvd and check it out.. I'll let ya know..
Um ok I am very lazy and I cannot look at all those songs to see which one is the one Im looking for and also look how long it took me to reply to my own post any who......

Can anybody NARROW my search down a little you know in case your reading this and your like "hey I know that song but oh look sombody all ready replyed oh I bet he found it so I shouldnt respond"

Well my friend I NEED YOUR HELP I still dont know the song and if no one responds I might just get Un Lazy and find the song for my self but thats not likley to happen plus you know good deeds Karma and so on............ and alos no I will not find the song my self if no one tells me the specific song so yeah Im not gonna lie to you...........

remember I said I talk to much think this is bad try meeting me in person.

P.S. NO that is not an invitaion to all the cyber weirdos out thier NO I DONT WANT TO FLY OUT TO MEET YOU

well Ive managed to blaber again so..........um............yeah.

DONT LOOK AT ME! :ph34r:
Are you high or something?
I'm going to go look right now. Back in a few.
I know it's on the Go soundtrack, but I have a feeling it was on another one...
am I right about that? Anyone know, if so, what it is?
Can someone identify the song that Todd the drug dealer is playing in his apartment in the film "Go"?
Nevermind. I found out. For anyone else interested, the song in question is Massive Attack - Angel.
That is a sweet song, it was also played in Snatch and a bunch of other films.
I did a bunch of searching and couldn't find it listed on any other soundtrack, although that doesn't mean it's not in some movie and maybe just not credited. I seem to remember hearing it in another movie as well though. If you can think of any details at all about the movie you think it might have been in as well then maybe I can figure it out :)