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I'm pretty sure I was watching City Confidential on A&E, but don't hold me to that. A GMC commercial cam on advertising their "summerdirve" campaign. The song went something like 'woohoohoo' but that's all I remeber. Anyone know of a title/artist.

Any help, thanks.
i think thats a jesus jones song i think but check it out they only have one hit
Thank you so much! I already went out and bought the CD. :D
looking for any info related to the music use in the commercial where everyone is driving (think in GM's) throwing frisby to each other.
Really cool song. I first heard it on the "Igby Goes Down" soundtrack.

Catchy. :D
hey i was wondering if ne one else knew some songs that sounded simular laid back music like this song is, cuz this song rocks. If you got ne good suggestions drop a line.

This ad always gives me a giggle because I knew the song beforehand and the original lyrics go: "You got a great car... yeah, what's wrong with it today."

Lovely concept to bring up for an auto ad. =P
Okay, someone out there has to know what song im talking about. Its the GMC car commercial where all the cars are like playing frisbee, and the only part i really remember from the song is the "oooo ooooooo", please someone out there know what im talking about
It's The Dandy Warhols- "Bohemian Like You"

which can be found on their Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia album. (I have it and it's alright)

I must warn you however, the lyrics in the commercial are dubbed and the real ones are much better. I guess they didn't want to give the wrong impression to all high quality GMC automobiles.
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DUUUUUDDEEE!! Ive been looking for this song forreeevverr since I heard it on TriggerHappy TV. I also heard it on that summerdrive commercial a couple times when watching the food network. I love the song but now I hate the band for titleling Bohemian Like you, which was why it was so difficult to find if you have no clue about the title or band. They should of titled it "I like You".
So there is a recent car commercial. I think it has dogs throwing frizbees to each other in cars. anyways. its a guy singing and hes like "you got a real great car, and i like you, and i like you, you got a great car" any idea what the song is???
Does anyone know if "Bohemian Like You" by the dandy warhols was in a car commercial or something, because every time I hear it I vaguely remember seeing a commercial with that song playing in the backround?
I have seen it on the soundtrack of several movies including the one where tim robbins played a villain based on bill gates. his company was called nurve if I remember correctly, I forget the title. I have seen it in several other movies and a commercial or two. actually I have seen plenty of tv that used dandy warhols in it.

the funny thing about that ad for the chevy though is that they clip the song to edit out a phrase. "you got a nice car {-yeah what's wrong with it today} I used to have one too..." {is deleted part}

On a similar note Buick wanted to use 'Satan is My Engine' by Cake -- the part about wheels of polished steel... but the band wouldn't let them unless they used the whole song, which is why the ad never happened.
the movie was called "anti-trust". not nurve. it had several songs by the dandys...
I was hoping someone might have a link to the commercial, because I wanted to add it to the media section in the wikipedia article for the band. I think it is really funny. ditto for the cake song.

I have also heard their songs in lots of ads and several movies.