GMC Denali


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Just saw the new commercial for the GMC Denali...the music is really awesome! anybody know what it is?
tell us about the commercial so we can have some idea of what it is
um it's a blend of avante-garde images and fast motion graphics... i remember there was a black screen with a "perspective" shot that looked like a tunnel or airport runway with the lights on both sides, and the car came busting through towards the screen.

also the music is's like the old GMC commercials with the crumpled paper pieces of metal music, but 100 times better. this music is really classy and techno and cool. i'm almost positive it came out of their studio and isn't a song.
i've never seen the commercial myself. Do you know what channel you were watching?
No, but I have only seen it once so far. If I see it again, I will make note of the channel.