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There is a song a lot of people have been looking for that is used in multiple commercials. I don't mean to double post, but the main problem is that when you try to search for gmc in the forums it is not allowed since it is not 4 letters. One of the thread is listed here:


It is notably used in the GMC Sierra Denalli commercial where it says "if a 400,000 seat stadium have a retractable roof? why cant you" and "if a 2 year old can have four wheel steering...Why cant you?" then the truck is driving in the desert while this song is playing. The song has some quick strings and kind of a pop oriented beat with no vocals.

Recently it was used again in the commercial with some other truck/suv saying "who would have thought a 4 inch tube could emit seven million watts of light? who would have thought the data of a billion stars could fit on a single tiny disc? we did" or something along those lines.

people all over the net are searching for this, appreciate the help.
You can run the search by entering _GMC.
I still haven't heard this music or seen these ads that I'm aware of but 'll keep watching for them. ;)
I would like to know what the music for this commercial is as well. I know for a fact that it's for the GMC Canyon.