GM Ring in and Win


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Description: Shows serveral people holding what should be trophies/medals/etc.. but they're just red phones.
Music: A punk band or alternative group in the backround is playing and the only thing you get to hear lyrics wise is "Today, is your lucky day!" Its sung in quite the harmonius fashion might I ad as well.

So anyone have any ideas?
Much thanks
Don't think I've seen the ad yet. Is it on their site to watch online?
Umm, I'll have a look.............*looks through commercial listings*
sorry I can't find any links at all!
Wow I'm not much help hahaha :(
OK, This commercial is over played in Southern Ontario Canada.

Its open to Canadian Residents so its probly played all accross Canada

The contest is open till August 31st so youre gonna hear this puppy a LOT.

Here is the website:

The lyrics as I heard them are as follows:

Todaaaay, is your lucky day..
So go on, It's your time to play.

When I first heard the song I thought it was upbeat at least, but it's definitely getting very tiresome to the point of changing the channel when the commercial comes on.

I'm not sure if the people are real and they pasted the phone in the shots or if they were acting for the commercial, but the phone looks very bad and it doesn't seem very real.

Thats my 2 bits
Can anyone tell me if they know the song form the Ring In & Win commercial, and if they do, what is it? It's the commercial featuring athletes and red phones. It's a GM commercial, I believe. There's a familiar song in the background, but I can't figure out which song is it. Please help.
I don't know the name of the song but the band is "The Salads"...I can't find the name of the song so I think it was just recorded for that commercial...who knows. I hope that helps. :)
It's the one where the theme is sports, and everyone is holding up giant red phones.. the lyrics are "Today is your lucky day. So get on, it's your time to play"
It sounds like the salads, but i couldnt find anything when i looked.
Anyone know?
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no word on the music from the ad yet.
I've been listening to all kinds of Salads' tunes but I can't find this song. I would definitely recommend the Salads though, having listened to some of their songs searching for this one.

I'm gonna try showing the ad to a friend of mine who is quite knowledgable about this kind of music. Anyone know what channel and what times this ad tends to come on?

Thanks I appreciate it. Peace.

Intangible says hello. :ph34r:
This is a reply email from GM. Too bad everyone is going to hate this song when it comes out because of the overplay!!

Mr. Kauk,

Thank you for your e-mail.

The music comes from a Toronto-based band called 'The Salads'. The song in

question will be released next month (August).

If you require further assistance, do not hesitate to e-mail me back by visiting us at

Thank you for visiting our website!

Trevor Fulton
Internet Correspondent
Thanks to everyone for your interest in this song! I'm the lead singer of THE SALADS, and what you're hearing in this commercial is a loop of the chorus of one of our new demos for our next CD. The song is titled "Today Is Your Lucky Day". It will be available to buy as part of our new DVD coming out in Canada this October...and then on our next full-length CD coming out early next year! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback! It's always great to hear feedback from people who dig our music. Respect. Keep in touch with us at WWW.THESALADS.COM