GM "Get on the ball"


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There is a new GMC commercial depicting a ball bouncing around a city. Anybody know what the music is? Lyrics sound like "Get on the ball." Kind of techno sounding.

I'm wondering if you mean the Chevy Cobalt ad where the cars bounce a big ball around?

If not,sorry!
No, this one is new. I think in response the NCAA March tournament. The bouncing ball leads people into the GM dealer. Who thinks up these ideas?
Im looking for the song played in a commercial that is brand new for the March Madness ads....its a General Motors ad and i know that Mike Krzyzewski is in it driving one of those ugly chevy's and there there is a basketball bouncing throughout the ad.
no...its not for the cobalt, its for all of the GM cars and its a special ad for March Madness.
The ad talked about in that thread isn't the Cobalt one, it's the one with the bouncing ball.
i posted a topic a lil bit ago trying to find what song plays in the backround of a GM Commercial where the basketball bounces around leading people to a dealership....welll ive been informed of who might have done the music, but i cannot find it anywhere!!

any suggestions?