Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex


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does NE1 know the song that is on the "ghost in the shell: stand alone complex" dvd ad? Is it on the soundtrack?
what's the song used in the little commercial of ghost in the shell:stand alone complex? And by any chance, is it in the soundtrack? I know they have a soundtrack.
Which commercial are you talking about? I know that one of them has the song "Inner Universe" by Origa which is also the opening credits song to the show. If that's the one you're talking than, yes, it's on the soundtrack.
ummm... that doesn't sound like it... it's more fast tempo.
By the way, Ghost in the shell is gonna be on soon. Hope I get to hear that song again then you'll know.
ahoy. is anyone familiar with the advertisement on [adult swim] for Ghost in the Shell: SAC? there is some incredible trippy electronica playing through the commercial. its high speed, multi-styled with rapid drum-driven beats. the ad itself is highly dramatic with fast paced cuts and flashy stuttering effects.

thanks for any help.
The track is called "Cause and Effect" but it is production music that is unavailable for purchase or download. You can listen to it though, Here:

Go to and click "Get Music" at the bottom
Once inside, click on "Twisted" on the top, to the right.
Click on "Album Name" on the left and wait for the albums to load
Scroll down to find "Chaos"
Click it, and wait for the tracks on the right to load.
"Cause and Effect" should be the first track listed :)