Geico ad with accordian


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I just saw this ad that has a small accordion music. It sounds like it could be played from some village in europe. I can't remember the ad for some reason.
Does anyone know what ad or what music it is?
what commercial? any other clues? (the only one i can think of is the Pepsi one with Hendrix)
oooh, I have no idea what you are talking about, but I will be watching this thread. "Small village european accordian music" is one of those random things I really enjoy. I hope you figure out what the ad is (or that I see it). I doubt I'll be able to help though...
okay..I just saw the ad. It's a Geico commercial. The one where he says at the end "I didn't know that was meatloaf".
anyone knows what the music is for the Geico commercial that has the guy saying at the end: "I didnt know that was meatloaf"?

The music is folkish or..villagish i guess. It is played with a accordion.
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