Gatorade X

crap im lookin for that song too ( can it be overseer ) i dont think it is but its a cool song none the less
As soon as I heard the song i thought two things. First, great guitar. Second, I bet it was done specifically for the commercial. Bummer...
does anyone know what the song is in the new gatorade x commercial...i dunno if this commercial is shown in the US, but in canada they play it all the time. it sounds like rage against the machine...and the artist keeps repeating the phrase, "we've all got something to prove."

i've been looking all week for some songs that can pump you up. and i'm trying to make a wicked mixcd for my first soccer game of the season this saturday. just wondering if anyone knows this song.
Created specifically for the ad by VAPOR MUSIC GROUP in Toronto.

View the commercial here.