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Does anybody know the name of the song in "Gangs of New York" that plays during the fight scene in the beginning? Any help would be appreciated.
do you know the name of the music in gangs of new york when the Priest is walking with his fanatics underground, before the battle?
The music is a piece with flutes and drums and it begins when the child blows the candle and it stops when the Irishman kick the door...

Thank You a lot!!!

It's been a while since I've seen GONY, but I've got the soundtrack and I'm fairly sure that the song you're looking for is "Shimmy She Wobble" by Othar Turner and the Rising Star Fife and Drum band. There is another drum and fife song on the soundtrack, too: "Gospel Train", by the JohnSilver Leaf Quartet.
Here's a link from Amazon where you should be able to preview the songs:

Gangs of New York
Yeah! It's the song i was looking for! but how can i find it? :unsure:

i seek it all the web long but i found it nowhere... it's hard to find

any ideas?

hey list,

im new here, but ive had a piece of music in my head for years and id love to know what it is...ive heard it in 2 places.....1 on an old warren miller ski film " extreme skiing 2" right at the very beginning.....and second, why im posting here, in gangs of new york in the background when i believe leo is talking to daniel day lewis in a bar or maybe his house ...its celtic like and im pretty sure it isnt on the soundtrack......very melodic background music, might be fiddles or harpsichord playing has lije a 32 bar repetition.....

thanks in advance


I think it *might* be "signal to noise" by peter sounds more intstrumental in the film but the background sounds like the one you're talking about. you can get it on itunes if its the right one.
Depending on what part in the beginning of the movie you are talking about; it could be:

"Shimmy She Wobble"
Written by Otha Turner (as Othar Turner)
Performed by Otha Turner (as Othar Turner) & The Rising Star Fife & Drum Band
Courtesy of Bottom Third, Inc