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"I want to tell yoooooooou ou ou about a beautiful day"
Skateboarder going down a loop-d-loo ramp. Seen on Fuel TV
Someone else might know what you're referring to, but I sure don't... :huh:

Could you describe what kind of music you're hearing -- male/female voice, tempo, genre? And, what is the ad for? Is it an ad for a particular product or the channel?
It is the commercial for the Fuel.tv television.
It is some kind of punk song.
There are some whoa oh's in it.

Please help.
Hey, I'll go ahead and bump this and feel justified in that;

a) Hey! I used the search function to see if anyone else asked :D
B) I can provide a little more detail on the question :D

It is a way funkified bass groove, very upbeat. Makes me wanna put on some headphones and just bop down the road. The voice is somewhat androgenous... could be a throaty female or an alto dude.

It plays on Fuel TV, channel 612 on Direct TV (down here in South Florida anyhow) as a "bump" between shows and displays some talented young skateboarder slowly drifting (through the magic of slow replay :rolleyes: ) through a vertical 360. Maybe 10-15 seconds? It does not appear to be a special effect.

I've emailed Fuel but got no response. They play it regularly. In fact, about the time I had the epiphany of posting here, the thing played. Serendipitous synchronicity.

BUMP! Any takers?
FWIW, I found it.

Beautiful Day by Spider Harrison.
Dig it at Amazon; Look for "The Funky 16 Corners" compilation.

Come on and dig me 'cause I'm the FLY pygmy.
does anyone know the track that's used in this commercial? the music doesn't have any words with it, but the guy in the background is saying "it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. it doesn't matter if you're black or white, if you do what we do." or something like that. thanks guys!