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I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the song they played when they showed the previews for Friends...the one with Phoebe's wedding. Please help! Thank you
Well, I heard this commercial while waiting for a movie to begin. It is a tribute to the show Friends, for the final season. The song heard in the background is about saying goodbye. (thats all I remember, some guy singing about saying goodbye) has anyone else heard this? Thanks
Well, I didn't see your trailer, but being a farewell tribute thing and all, and having one song pop into my head immediately when you mentioned "a guy singing about saying goodbye", and being as how I like to guess, try

Guster - Great Escape

I don't think he's the original artist, or Dave Matthews covered it... I didn't understand the story but it's one of my favorite songs. It's been in a few movies too including Homegrown. I thought there was another where a live band played it in the movie, or maybe that was a tv episode of some kind, but I thought I saw it with even another band once, or maybe Guster made all his recordings of the track in soundtracks, I dunno. That might not be it, but you might like it anyway.

Does anyone know the name of the song used in the NBC promo for the last two Friends episodes. They're showing Rachel getting on a plane and it goes something like "you held my hand through all these years..." I'm not sure.
Feedback appreciated. :D
:eek: Hey do any of you guys know the name of the song that was played on an NBC commercial for the friends finale it's a real sad song and i ve been going crazy to find out the name of it so please anyone out there who knows the name of this sad sond plase reply ASAP i need this songs nmae i love it and want to hear it. Remember it was the friends finale commercial on NBC.
My Immortal - Evanescence
::excuse me if the spelling is wrong::
ya its a good song, the whole cd rox actually.
Does anyone know the name of the song that they are currently playing in the re-run commercials for Friends? It sounds like Blink 182 but I'm not positive. If anyone knows the name of it could you please tell me? It goes "Forever and ever.. lets make this last forever..." that's all I can remember. Thanks for your help! :D
I believe you're talking about First Date by Blink 182. I haven't seen the commercial though. Click the link and listen to the sample.