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There was a ZZ Top song used in the middle of 'Friday Night Lights'. Anyone know the title?
No, they diddn't use enough of it to include any lyrics.
Yes, thanks for the replies. The soundtrack is all about 'Explosions In The Sky'. It only includes a couple of other artists used in the film. I've Googled all over the place tonight, looking for it's music film credits that include other songs, with no luck. That's why I'm here. Maybe it's a ZZ Top song that was an instrumental?
Sonho Dourado - Daniel Lanois
Do You Ever Feel Cursed - David Torn
Segull - Bad Company

are the only songs on the soundtrack. the score is by EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.
OK.... I am really lazy... so I dont have time to get the soundtrack and sometimes little short bits of songs on Amazon dont cover the part I am trying to hear. There was a rescent post on this, but it got nowhere. Since Friday Night Lights is one of my fav movies of 2004, the music was a big part in that.

I am sure others are i nsearch of these songs, because they have a raw feeling to them:

1) The song sounds like a guitar and plays near the begining when WaterBug is using a black marker to color his shoe black.

2) Its the song where Booby Miles comes back from his knee injury. Its the scene right after he gets hurt again and Odessa starts to come back, but then fall short to an overthrown pass and they lose the game.

3) The song plays when Odessa starts t ogo on a come back in the middle of the game. Its halftime I think and it whens one of the players of Odessa catch a punt and take it all the way back for a touchdown.

4) The final game is going on and it is starting to coem back for Odessa. They travel the ball up the field and then Mike Wincheel decides to run it in, but then falls short about 1 yard. I am lookign for song in that part also.

5) And last but not least, I am lookign for the song when the Coach (Billy Bob) is taking everyones names off the list and Mike decides to throw his football to a bunch of kids and he finally smiles.

Shouldnt be to hard to find.... lol
I know that the entire soundtrack was done by Explosions in the Sky, but I don't know which songs were used where, sorry
What song is playing at the end of Friday Night Lights when they're playin in the Championship game, and the quarterback is runnin while the play is in action?
Two songs that come to mind in the champ game is the first one, refused - new noise when they entered the field and secondly when they started to play well, spiderbait - black betty..
I want the song played right before they entered the championship game. Its happening when their going out for the coin toss.
Hi redsox4ever36,

First of all let me say that I loved Friday Night Lights. And while I'm not the biggest fan of American Football, the movie was thoroughly enjoyable. Anyway, the song you're after - Sounds like you want that heart pounding rock tune that begins to play when Odessa-Permian are putting on their helmets in the tunnel, before running out onto the field. And it continues to play as Dallas Carter take to the field (cheerleaders and all), and the two teams try to stare (and talk) each other out. Is that the one?

If so, it is called 'New Noise' by Refused.

Send me a personal message if you really like the song but don't have it... ;)
The song that plays during the first practice is by Explosions In The Sky and it is called "A Poor Man's Memory". The song is over 6 minutes long. The best part of the song which plays during the first practice starts at around 4 minutes and plays to the end of the song.
Your welcome. I had to find it after I listened to it. It took awhile but I finally found it.
The song i am trying to find, doesn't have any words to it..Atleast i don't think it does, and it's played in some type of Baseball/sports commercial, and also at the end of Friday Night Lights after they lose the game. It's just a nice slow moving song, with no words. If someone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I don't think so. But there could be, It's at the end of the movie Friday Night Lights, where they are all sitting and laying on the field. And im trying to see what the commercial is. I'm pretty sure it's an ESPN commercial.