Freddy vs. Jason


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Remember when one of the teenagers got high and that freddy worm thing came out? What was the song playing in the backround.
Nope. Didn't see the movie. Can you describe the song? Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...???
One option you would have is to rent the movie and look at the end credits... all songs (if they are not part of the original orchestral score of the film) will be listed in order of appearance at the end... :!!!:

I wanted to do that for you since I had it in my office at work but someone took it from our "vault"... :angry:
If I don't know what the songs called, then how the hell would I fidn it in the credits. o_O
Easy, either count the songs (they are in order) or sometimes you can find out by seeing which song came before and/or after the one you are looking for. Sometimes there are lyrics. Most of the time they put the chorus in the movie so the lyrics will point you to the title.

Example: I was watching Eurotrip. I wanted the name/artist of the song when Michelle Trachtenberg (plays Jenny in the movie, was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) starts to take off her clothes on the nude beach. Its kind of a techno/rock song. So go to the end credit... I know there is a song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and a song by David Hasselhoff near the one I'm looking for... I also know there is a French song near it too... so I take a few looks at the credits... BAM!! Turns out the song is called "Make My Dreams Come True" by Apollo 440 and its available on the soundtrack.

I'm not saying you'll find it instantly, all I'm saying is that if it is not made specifically for the film, then it will be in the end credits so at least you'll have a list of songs to start your research.

Anyway, when the movie comes back to my office I'll try and find it for you... may be in 4-5 days if you can wait that long.

thank you for all my questions that have been answered so far, but i got a new one you!

yesterday,i saw the worst film/dvd ever called freddy vs. Jason,

It's horribly bad, i can't say a single thing that's good about it!! 0/10 i would rate it, really!

anyway, there's one scene that got me going, though. It was the rave-scene, in the cornfields. Well the only thing that got me going was the techno kinda music played there.

I really liked it, but don't know what it was, maybe you have some ideas?

I already checked the official soundtrack, but that one only has metal-tracks on it.


thanx ,

Aww, you didn't like it?

I don't really think it was supposed to be was supposed to be stupid and funny.

It was a terrible movie, but it was fun just to go see and laugh at with your friends.

Anyway, did you check here?

They are usually listed in the order that they appeared in the movie.
I am trying to find the oldie song that was briefly played from a passing car radio in the movie "Freddy vs. Jason" during the flashback scene at Camp Crystal Lake.

I can't find any info.

Please help!


I don't know anything about it, either, except that the lyrics "I wanna run with you. I wanna drive with you," can be heard. The only thing in the soundtrack listing (which you can view on that looks close is a song called "Running." In my opinion, the car song could've been made by the composer (or Machine Head) just because they needed a few seconds of an older-sounding song to play while the car drove by. I'm not positive, though. It might be better to ask on the FvJ board on
Freddy vs jason youtube video.

Does anyone know the song that is played when freddy stabs jason in the eyes, at 4:56. Thanks