Fosamax commercial...?


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I'm sure at least a few of you have seen the Fosamax commercial, (it's some sort of prescription drug to aid older women ''fight off'' osteoperosis or something like that) but does anyone know what song they play in the background?

It's primarily covered-up by a female narrator, but you can still sort of hear what sounds like a woman chanting and then a violin playing strongly in the background. It sounds really quite lovely and I'll be eternally greatful to anyone who can help me figure out what song it is! ^.^
Unfortunately, I don't think there were any. At least, if there were, they didn't play any of them. It was more like chanting / scat / utter nonsense with an instrumental background than anything. Sort of spiritual sounding, actually...
I believe the vocal was provided by Elizabeth Fraser, the former lead singer of the Cocteau Twins; she also sang with Massive Attack (Mezzanine) and as a guest singer of the group/assemblage This Mortal Coil (there was a perfume commercial with uma thurman featuring EF./TMC. a couple years back).