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This is a tough one. I've heard this song in Forever 21, but I don't know if it's a new song or not. It's kinda dancey/techno, and the vocalist is female. It's hard to make out the lyrics, hear is what I *think* I heard:
One day [someday?...I know...the time for [something] is too slow

I've googled it every way possible and can't find anything. Hopefully this rings a bell for somebody, but I'm not holding my breath.
I thought I had a brain? pop song

I was in forever 21 the other day and there was this really awesome pop song on its by a girl and the lyrics were something like. I thought I had a brain but I guess I didn't.?? Anyone heard of it. Its like a punk dance song.
Forever 21 song OMG plz help.

Okay, I heard this in the store, and figured this was the closest forum matching that, and I am DESPERATE! I've scoured the internet with various combinations of possible lyrics and I can't find this damn song anywhere, but it's playing in my head on repeat (the parts I remember, anyway). I've asked Forever 21 and got differing answers; two employees there said they had satellite radio, two employees said they had corporate CDs, and contacting Forever 21 directly resulted in a refusal to tell me their satellite radio provider as it would be a violation of copyright, which is in no way a violation of anything so IDK WTF they were on about. They were exceptionally unhelpful. I'm hoping you all can help.

I'd describe it as a rock song...maybe pop rock, it had a really catchy beat and wasn't super heavy on the guitars, I think there was at least some synth stuff in there. The lyrics I could make out were:
"You and me will move like the animals..." (could've been 'move like an animal,'?)
"Burn, don't let me burn..."
"I'm sending it all away," repeated several times...I'm not sure if it was in fact 'sending,' but not sure what else it might be.

I really really hope you can help, songs will plague me for years if they go unidentified! Thanks!

Oh hmm...just now saw after posting this the 'Music Elsewhere' forum...that probably would've been the more applicable spot, sorry.