Ford SUV Commercial


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Hi all

This one is going to be almost impossible.

This commercial was on TV a couple years ago. It was for a Ford SUV, and I think it was the Explorer. There were lots of shots of the Explorer roaring over mountain ridges, through streams, charging through the jungle.

The music for this commerical was amazing. It starts out with a tribal sort of drumming. The drumming picks up and there is chanting/singing. It sounds like an African themed song.

At the end, I think the commercial had "ADVENTURE" on it.

I know this is a hard one. Any guesses?
I'm still looking for this tune. It was just an instrumental with a tribal chanting over it. Now that I think about it, the only thing I'm sure of is that it was for a Ford SUV, could have also been the expedition or escape. I tried emailing Ford at the time but I never got a response. Does anyone remember this commercial?
Sorry, neither one of those. It was a very up tempo, aggressive beat. I appreciate your efforts though.