Ford Fusion "Ignition" Commercial


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Hey Everybody -
Trying to find the song in the "This is life in drive" 2006 Fusion ad. No words, just a fast guitar riff playing.
No, sorry. A lot more fast paced then that. I think this commercial is pretty new.
What is the name of the song used in the Fusion "Ignition" commercial? It is not "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" or "Coldcut."
Is it the one with the rock sounding guitar riff? I asked the same thing a couple of months ago and never got a response.
hey i jus signed up to this forum for that song. to be honest i did some research and i think fusion's tunes are made by no name artists. its all ad hoc stuff.
Anyone Know what is is? the car is red i dunno if that helps. . .

Has anyone found anything on this commercial? Whether it's an actual band, or the companies own mixer?
i uh literally just asked this question, it's right underneath this post. . .on the forum boards so i ant to kno the answer as well. . .thanks
Just to make things clear, I am talking about this commerical. If you know the song, please help me out.
Ford (Red) Fusion Commercial Song (with the Photo iPod):

Artist: Brendan Benson
Title: Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
Album: The Alternative to Love

And this is now available (if it wasn't before) on iTunes.
No, that's not the one. In this commercial, there is no iPod's, just a red CAR driving around with the Ford spokeperson talking in the background. Click the link I posted earlier to take another look.
anyone know the new ford fusion song from the newest commercial?

sorry i cant find a source for it yet but ill keep trying
If you're talking about the Ford Fusion commercial with the red car and the entire commercial has the camera swirling around the car and the song is a fantastic instrumental then yes, I'd like to know too... :huh: