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I think it's a football commercial for the NFL, but it might be for VISA...or someone else. It shows new and old footage (i.e., Green Bay Packers playing with Vince Lombardi coaching) of games and I think the song says "Perfect" several times - as in "a perfect day". I saw it twice over Thanksgiving weekend.

Any of this ring a bell? Anyone? Bueller? Help? Please?
This is a bit of a stretch.. is it definitely "perfect" they're saying, and not "beautiful"? There's a U2 song called "Beautiful Day" that has been used in a football commercial lately - can't remember which one - and the part that plays in the ad is "It's a beautiful day, sky falls, you feel like it's a beautiful day, don't let it get away".
Worth a shot anyway..
It is "Another Perfect Day" by American Hi-Fi.

i'm holding on waiting for your call
it's simple but i can't explain this
i'm sinking down i feel like i could die
i'm falling off i don't know why

i still believe it when you say
it's another perfect day
another perfect day
i still believe it when you say
it's another perfect day
another perfect day

so i might try to leave it all behind
i know tommorow's not so bright now
i'll say goodbye cause nothing good can last
(you wear and figured no where fast)
and today i don't know how too keep it all inside
but i guess i'll let it slide

[repeat chorus]

today i don't know why
i thought that it was real
but i guess it's no big deal

[repeat chorus]

i don't know how
i don't know how
to let it slide
yep, it's that song.

FYI, a tip...NFL ads (at least the 30 second spots, I make no guarantees about the shorter versions) generally show the song credit at the beginning of the commercial, set up like a video credit, only smaller.