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Hi all!:

Does anyone know of any songs that have finger-snapping, to the beat of a song, in them or know of where I can find them? I'm asking on behalf of my friend, who asked me to find out for her. Thanks.
All-4-One - So in Love
Boyz to Men - In the Still of the Night
Queen-"Killer Queen"

Some song from "Westside Story."
Originally posted by givemfitz@Jun 29 2004, 03:07 AM
Queen-"Killer Queen"

Some song from "Westside Story."
hey! i was about to put "killer queen"~! i love that song. it's my number one song on karaoke night...i always score high on that one ;) hahahah~!
Karaoke!!! Do they still have that? :lol: :p ;) Ok, sorry. I know some people like it but I just HAD to go there. ;) :p I always laugh my ass off at drunk people trying to sing but maybe Steph does it sober. And GOOD. B) That would be a new experience for me.
In fact that's a good question. Does anyone live anywhere where the people who do karaoke can actually sing? And they don't need to be drunk to get up there? Personally I only sing when I'm alone. Car, Shower, Home. ;)

Queen-I'm surprised Michelle didn't mention it first. Maybe because the finger snapping is only at the start.

i am asian. it's a REQUIREMENT to have the "golden mike" karaoke machine in my HOUSEHOLD. :lol: oh man. i went to this bar one time, and this was in northern virginia, so my friends and i weren't expecting what we saw. we walked in and everyone had cowboy hats and they looked at us like we were aliens. haha. so this one drunk guy gets up and sings this song (maybe someone can ID this one) was country and it kept talking about how the girl was a liar. so for five straight minutes, this drunk guy yelling out "LIIIIIIIIAAAAARRRRR!!!!! LIIIIIIAAAARRRR" (and no, it wasn't the queen song...heh heh.) ahh good times.

I knew you were asian. ;) But still.........karaoke?????? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
(Pat Morita "Happy Days" laugh) ;) :p
haha...well it's not like i do it every night. but what can i say...i love anything kitschy and assumingly un-hip ;)
I love karaoke.. after a few beers anyway. Nothing better than getting plastered and then getting up and making a total jackass out of yourself by drunkenly blaring out some bon jovi.. and doesn't karaoke mean 'tone-deaf' in one language or another..or is that one of those stupid myth things? oh and uh.. yeah.. hi.
Heh heh heh :p It's cool. Really. It's just one of those things that has always cracked me up.
It's just me I'm sure but it's right up there with a cat screeching rrrRRRRROOOOOWWWWWWwwwwwrrrrr. It just cracks me up. They're such arrogant, above it all creatures that I find it hilarious when life catches up with them. Not the visual. I don't want to SEE anything bad happen to them but whenever I hear one scream in the middle off the night I just can't help chuckling just as bit and thinking, "Ya ain't 'ALL THAT' now are ya?" :lol: :lol: :lol:
Karaoke is kinda the same. Just thinking about makes me laugh. :lol:
Originally posted by AmelieMellow@Jun 29 2004, 02:21 PM
well THERE'S rewep~!
yeah i'm around.. and sometimes asquare (insert drumroll) i just get too busy to post sometimes... sitting outside your house with binocluars takes up most of my time :p
haha~! then you really MUST be bored if you're outside my house!

hey must like that comic "get fuzzy". that guy loves to poke fun at cats.
me too~!! :lol:

oh and fitz, a while back you suggested muse's rendition of "feeling good" and at the time, i was like, i like the original better. well i take it back. i really like their rendition of this song. in fact i REALLY like it. :)
Yeah it's a goodun. ;) I'm still not convinced that it's not them rather than Nina Simone in the Six Feet Under promo. Or was it The Sopranos? :unsure:

And Bucky's a DICK!!! :p But a funny one. :lol: