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Whats tthe song they play in one of the final fantasy commercials. It has an orchestra/choir in the backround singing.

Sound quite similar to "Oh Fortuna" - By Carl Orf

i've been looking, and cant find one for the life of me!
Here's a link to gametrailer's website. There's a bunch of trailers and TV spots for Final Fantasy. Maybe the TV spot that you saw is there. If it is then it would be great to know which one so that you might find the answer to your question.

It is most likely that the TV spot contains music from one of the Final Fantasy games. That company has released a whole heap of CD's for most of thier games. I know someone who is pretty versed when it comes to Final Fantasy and he might know what track it is, but it would help if you could let us know if that TV spot is on that website.

Game trailers website
I'm beginning to think that this might be unreleased material. I've asked and searched but no one I know recognizes that track. But it sounds great and hopefully someone will recognize it.
Seconding the idea that it's unreleased material. I play FFXI whenever my job/studies allow it, and my character is in end game.. never heard that track. And I've heard every track in the game, 'cept one of them (Promathia mission ending theme). Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but maybe that bit of knowledge helps at least a little.

Take care and good luck to yas.
If its in game music its probably not available, unless they have released a soundtrack for FFXI, which I highly doubt.