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Hey there, I really need some help in getting a certain song. I once watched "Extended Play" (now "X-Play", Tech TV) show this preview/video clip of Final Fantasy X, where a male character (I'm sure it was Tidus) was sliding down some cable thing (this might be an FMV sequence in the game, please forgive me, for I STILL haven't played the game yet); I think he was sliding towards some 'Space Needle'-looking house/tower or something. In this clip, I heard a dance-type song playing in the background that I really like. Can anyone help me get this song (Maybe give me an mp3)? If not, can you at least tell me the name of the song and if it's on the game's 4-disc soundtrack (which I don't have)?
Thank you!
There are two spots both sung by Jade from Sweetbox The songs are called Real Emotion & 1000 Words, both I believe (although I'm not certain) are due to be on the soon to be released CD called "Adagio"
You mentioned the 4-disc soundtrack for Final Fantasy X, and at Amazon their track listings all say untitled. But listen to the ones you can here and see if one of them is yours.
Originally posted by dudeofdudes@Jan 10 2004, 12:31 PM
(this might be an FMV sequence in the game, please forgive me, for I STILL haven't played the game yet)
Yes, that scene is an FMV in the game, I remember it quite well. It's going to be hard to find the song from the video unless you have the soundtrack. Even then I'm not sure if it will be on it. Good luck!
After a refer from my post inquiring about the song from the 3rd US Ad for FFX-2
(the one with 1000 Words), I read through this and notice a decided flaw in at least one of these posts. the two songs mentioned, have no relation to the original FFX, but are only found in the sequel FFX-2. the song used in the main promo for FFX (with tidus and crew sliding down the cables as if they were snowboards) is something else entirely, which can be found on the FFX:International Soundtrack.
sadly, I do not know the name of it. :(

Many thanks for helping me solve my question though. :)