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conservative, breast cancer patient, cancer survivor and ends up with her a the airport and she is a world traveler.

what is that song!?

I did a search on the boards already
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre?
no words, definitely sounds like early 80's maybe late 70's. I can only describe the commercial. It is something I recognize from WAY back (i'm 35)

I am wondering if could be a David Bowie song. I started seeing the commercial about 2 weeks ago.

Sounded definately synth piano (i think - hands head in shame - cause I really don't know)
FOUND! I found it - I had to go way back searching and found it on another board.

Here is a better description of the commercial: The commerial shows this woman as she starts from a young girl and progress through her life(college, job, marriage, kids and finally retirement.) The commerial ends showing her sitting in an airport waiting on a plane because she is going to do some leisure travel now that she has retired. Okay, now the song that is playing throughout the commercial starts out with an electric organ playing a simple melody and then the singer and the drums kick in. Does anyone know the name of this song?

Artist: King Harvest

Song: Dancing In The Moonlight

Album Title: Dancing In The Moonlight

Year: 1973

song clip....

Note: The Commercial uses the piano solo of this song. Also, The remastering of songs on Rhino CDs is superior! {Super Hits of The 70's}
A guy is singing. In the commercial, it follows a women's past. Something like, "Republican. Democrat. Mother. Follower. " etc, but i really dont know any lyrics!!! I think I heard "Everybody....last night" and more phrases that rhyme with "night", "just right", etc. ANY help would be great!
ok i think the song is called Dancing in the Moonlight but im not sure the artist
its King Harvest, if anyone wanted to know. great song
Originally posted by Xqwtz@Jul 27 2006, 10:21 PM
its King Harvest, if anyone wanted to know. great song
Is the artist King Harvest? And if so; what is the song?

I also saw a Fidelity commercial tonight and the song that played in it was "Working In A Coal Mine". I think the version in the commercial is done by Devo even though there are a number of other artists who have covered the song as well.