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Hello. I'm new here and I wanted to find a song that has been bugging me forever. I wanted to know the song for the Fear trailer? the movie has Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon in it. This song is also on the 1996 movie Double Dragon. On Double Dragon, the song plays in the background while the heroes are being chased by the bad guys on the truck. Please help me with the finding of this song and please reply as soon as possible to this forum. Thank You very much for your help in this situation. I just need the name of the song and the artist of the song. This is a very old song and was probably made in 1996 right around when the movie came out.
I'm sorry I need to make a correction. The Double Dragon movie was made in 1994. Whoever can find this song is alot better than I am because I have searched everywhere for it.
I'm sorry but I also don't know the lyrics to the song because they go so fast. It would probably be under Rock.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Mia for all your help I now have the song. Thank you very much for it. :D :lol: :)
:lol: Coo~l, you found it? - good news. ^_^ Which one did it turn out to be?

~ Mia ~
It was Green Mind by Dink. Thank You for helping me with it. :D