Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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Does anyone happen to know what song is playing when Flea and Duke are doing acid in a bathroom at a Jefferson Airplane concert? It's all in slo-mo.

Just to make sure: i dont mean white rabbit, when Dr. Gonzo is in the tub on acid... :p
Its "A Drug Score Part 1 (Acid Spill)" by Tomoyasu Hotei And Ray Cooper. They're great :lol:
:lol: That movie is hilarious but I think you have to have been HEAVILY into drugs and then cleaned up your act to truly appreciate it. :p
it must have been difficult to make this movie, considering that it is a "complicated" book!!!! One of my favorites...mr hunter s. thompson
this is driving me nuts. i love this one song in it.. its some girl with a mellow/low voice, singing like..

"i just need somebody too lovvee"

its the song thats playing in the scene where johnny depp is reminincing about when he was younger and in the club when he was in the bathroom, and this other guy came in and did the LSD off his sleeve.

ANYONE KNOW THE SONG TITLE/WHO IT'S BY? any help is much appreciated!

thanks so much!!!!
Try "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane

You can hear a clip here, track 5, disc 1.
Anyone know the name of the tune that plays in Fear and Loathing when Hunter and Gonzo are blasting through the highway and the desert to get gonzo to his plane at the end of the film. THanks
im looking for a song in fear and loathing in las vegas. It's in the scene where benicio del toro is hitting the car with a hammer in the parking lot and where we see the caroussel bar... don't put links to the film soundtrack because i can't find the song. If anyone have the title or artist, it would be nice if you tell me :)