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what's the theme song to Farscape on the sci fi channel, it sounds a bit voxy but i still don't know it, a little help ?? :wub: i fell in love with it .
Oh man, the theme song from the first season was so horrible. I think that's an original tune, not something edited for the use of the trailer.
I'm confused (which is really not that hard :) ). Are we talking about the theme song from the show or are we talking about music from a TV spot?
The theme music for Farscape is original. SubVision composed it for seasons 1-2 and Guy Gross for seasons 3-4 (Gross took over episodic scoring in mid-season 2's The way We Weren't). Gross was given a real orchestra for the first time for the miniseries premiering Sunday in the US. Really looking forward to this!

I still have nostalgia for the early theme music. Very distinctive, instantly grabs me, though it grabs some people in the wrong places. :) I agree the later version is more sophisticated-sounding.

If you're talking about TV spots, I don't know offhand.