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can anyone tell me what song is playing while the human torch and the nurse are skiing/snowboarding?

I think the song contains the words "apology" and "deceived" but I could be wrong.

Whoops! Nevermind. I found it. It's "Noots" by Sum 41.
Tight song.
What is the song when Johnny is playing the feather/shaving cream trick on The thing and when they are testing there powers. Its an odd one with no audible words. Its a strange one.
I'm not sure [I don't really remember] and if there are no lyrics ... :unsure:

But the Fantastic Four Soundtrack is pretty comprehensive, so there's a pretty good chance that the song you're looking for is on it.

Here's a link where you can listen to samples and see if you recognize the song you want:
Fantastic 4

:unsure: I hope someone will know this one......

Please help me identify the Artist & Song Title played during the Fantastic Four Video Diary on the Fantastic 4 DVD. There were various music played during this feature, but the one I am particularly looking for occurred during this part:

The (club/dance/trance) music starts at the point where the plane takes off and they are on their way to Melbourne, Australia. The music continues to play while it displays their Itinerary for June 6, 2005 and while they are at Rove Live (heard in the background while they are talking) and while they are on the plane on the way to Sydney, Australia.

Please help me if you can......I will be forever grateful. :wub:
I couldn't find this song either...the one where it's the montage and johnny is playing the shaving cream trick on ben/the thing

anyone know??
what is the name of the song (it's not on the soundtrack) that is playing when they show the montage of them all living together (mr. fantastic stretching for toilet paper, human torch messing with the thing while he's sleeping, etc.)??

NEVERMIND, FOUND IT!!! gotta love IMDB!!

in case others want to know its:
"Bang Bang to the Rock and Roll" by Gabin