Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer


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Does anyone know where this piece of music is from? It is from the newest release, which can be found, I believe, through the quicktime site on It is towards the end of the trailer and is a mounting-increasing music as the silver-surfer lifts Johnny storm into the atmosphere.

I'd really appreciate it.

Happy holidays!
"Last Days" - Groove Addicts [Full Tilt Vol 2]

the rest of the sound is just a bunch of sound design

thanks to webslinger
Does anyone know where/how I can dowload this trailer? I used to be able to find these Apple/Quicktime files in a temp folder after watching them on my PC but can't find em that way anymore? Help! This trailer blew me away!
when you go to the apple website, go to quicktime, then movie trailers. find the trailer you want and just start watching it in quicktime.

in this case you want to go here and choose the size that you want. the sizes are beside the buttons.

once you're able to watch the whole trailer (once it's fully downloaded and buffered), you should be able (in quicktime), to save it as a file to your hard drive. go to the file menu in quicktime and click Save As. then make sure that the little bubble beside "save as a self contained movie" is marked and then choose where you would like to save it on your harddrive.

simple as that, man. if you need more help, just post back :D
does anyone know the song playing in the beggining of the trailer??? stars at 0:45