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Would love to know the tune and group that does the background music to ths very short, toe tappin' commercial
Does anyone know the music used in the past few Famous Footwear spots? It sounds somewhat older - sort of a "big band" motif featuring lyrics sung by a female. I'm not sure if it's original but it doesn't sound like it.

Thanks! :)
I don't know but I've been wondering that very same thing.
That is such a catchy tune!!
Well, I guess I can answer my own question - that's always handy! ;) I found out the song featured in the Famous Footwear spot is an oldie called "Feel So Fine (Feel So Good)." The version they used was probably a remake but I discovered many other artists have recorded it. The one that comes up most often in association with it is Johnny Preston.
I believe the song is from Shakedown, possibly off the album "Chill Session 6". I'm searching the net attempting to hear samples now to jog my memory, but they're obscure so it's hard.

I hope this might strike a memory chord with someone and know exactly which song it is.