If this is the E3 trailer thn it uses

"X-ray Dog - Army of Doom (remix)"

EDIT : saw this trailer now and sry i donno the song :(
Are you looking specifically for the music in the first half of the trailer or the second half? They are two separate songs. I've never heard the second half before, but the first is from the actual game soundtrack. I don't think it is available for purchase though.

I was able to pull the soundtrack off the game DVD, so I do have the song for the first half of the trailer if that is what you are looking for.
Yeah! It's the first half! That kinda magic sound! Thank you! :lol:
I seek the music of the teaser of fable in this video.

You could listen at 00:50 after the word "brave" until A the end.

Somebody have an idea?