"Everywhere I Go"


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I used search and looked everywhere on the internet for the correct title and artist for this song. It is in a car commercial, I think it is for Honda, but could be way off. It is a song from the 80's and in the commercial you only here instrumental, but I know that the chorus of the song is, "I see you, everywhere I go", it sounds KIND OF whimsical, basically sounds very 80's......I can't even recall what happens in the commercial either. I know this is vague and pretty useless in description, but I truely believe that someone may know the answer. Thanks in advance for any help!!! :):):)
Ok, well after even more searching (I can barely believe how obsessed I have been over this one song!!)....I found my own answer, so incase anyone else wonders...it is "Everyehere I Go" by The Call.
:lol: don't you hate it when the answer is so simple?

glad you found the song. i thought it might be geggy tah "thank you" -- but after listening to the song again, i knew the lyrics didn't match up.