the first song has a very mello beat with a guitar and something making this noise that goes like dadadadada daaddaa dadadada daaddaa BUT IT'S NOT VOCALS !!! etc. the when henri opens the door and her mom is there it starts a different song with another mello beat with a contiuing guitar cord and male vocals saying

when i was young ?????something??????????? keping yourself above the frale and that was you and know i feel that i was only keeping my place ????????????something ??????????????????? all i know all i know is that the world will soon turn away

NOW THAT WAS HARD !!!!!! lol :blink: :blink:
Go to imdb's page for this film.Someone asked about the song in a message board(at the bottom of the page).The answer is"The World (will soon turn our way)" by
The Autumn Defense.
oh nvm does anybody know for last FREAKING time OMG migrane coming on !!!!! :angry: :angry: ;) pain pain I NEED AN ASPRIN ;)
umm there's nothing else i can say michelle i need to know this song in 2 days <_< i really need help i've googled,IMDb,official website ETC> no one reaplys to my posts :( :ph34r: <_<
i found the 2nd one but the person said the 1st one was MAYBE mendoza line but they woun't tell me what song ??? <_< <_< thats when you all come in LOL :p
No answer doesn't mean you're being ignored. It means no one knows. YET. ;)