Ever After TV Commercial


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ABC Family is showing "Ever After" soon. They have been running a commercial that has beautiful music. As far as I know, it is not music from the soundtrack (it didn't sound familiar). Anyone hear it and know what it is?

Sorry, no link to hear it.

Thanks in advance for help.
I have the dvd and I'll look at it more closely (they have the trailers that were used for the movie on the dvd).

I haven't seen the ABC commercial but can ya tell me if it it was a techno-ish song or not. If not more than likely it might be Loreena McKennit - The Mummer's Dance.

But I will keep an eye out on the commercial.
It wasn't "Mummer's Dance" or "Fable". It was more of a "traditional" movie music piece with some choral sounds (no specific words, just some "ah's"; they may have even been electronically created, though it sounded vocal).

I know it's possible that ABC Family put some music they chose and it could be from some totally different movie or other source, possibly even created specifically for their commercial. Whatever they used, I love it and really want to find out, if possible, what it is.

Thanks for your help.