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The topic is 'murales en el mundo hispano', but my teacher didn't really explain it and I don't know what it means, and i can't find any websites about it in english! Can anyone help me who knows spanish? :(
Do you not know what the actual phrase means, or are you having trouble with coming up with ideas on the topic?
it just means "murals in the spanish world"
murals are just paintings on walls...

I guess you could look at the artist Goya's house -cos he painted a bunch of paintings on his walls "the house of the deaf man" after he retired....

I dunno really what you could do...

what a random topic...
I tried searching 'murales en el mundo hispano.' the sites were in spanish. But if you search google you can click Translate and google will do it automatically.
Hope that helps :confused:
thanks, I'll try that. Yeah, it is a pretty random topic, lol.
If you search for "murales en el mundo hispano" you'll only get spanish sites...

try searching for "murals in the spanish world' and you might have better luck..i think? :blink: