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I've been seeing this commercial lately on ESPN. it shows an asian taxi driver driving through china singing a country song that goes like: "houuuuuuston! houston blah blah blah one day closer to you!" at the end of the commercial the taxi driver pulls alongside a bus w/ Yao Ming's pic on the side of it
Dude, I posted the same question, I thought it was a Southwest Airlines commercials, but you are right. It was an NBA commercial. I'm still trying to find this song as well, it's driving me crazy. I don't know if it's the song I like, or the way the taxi driver is singing it.
I found it. The song is by Larry Gatliin, titled Houston(Means I'm One Day Closer to You) Your lyrics helped, I didn't know any part but "Hooooouuuuston!"

PS. The song is not nearly as good without the cab driver singing!
Thanks, was looking for this song too.

I am not a country fan, but this song just kept playing in my head, so I needed to find it quick.

the one playing on TV sounds better, but still it is good!