ESPN "Life Happens 10 Yards At A Time"

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Hey guys, I'm looking for the name of the song used in the ESPN "Life Happens 10 Yards At A Time" commercial. It has different cars with different NFL teams on them, most memorable being the Oakland Raiders lowrider jumping up and down. Any help you guys can contribute is greatly appreciated.
The song is "Cars" by Gary Numan.

Huge hit back in the early 80s.

Did I just date myself?
What is that music they play in the background for the NFL on ESPN ads where they have all the crazy fan cars driving around? Sounds like a remix of something I've heard before, but can't place the song.
The commercial played around 1-2 years ago during the superbowl and then a while after it where at the end it said take life 10 yards at a time or whatever. the only other thing i remember was a raiders lowrider bouncing. anyone know what music it was playing during that?
does it have any lyrics and what type of genre was it i remember that commercial but i dont know the song
It might have some lyrics but the song played in the commercial just had the music playing. Im not even really sure of what the song sounded like myself anymore i just remember i liked it.
Low-riding Raider vehicle, Bengal tale sticking out of another car, a crappy old station-wagon all dressed up in Eagles colors.

It is Gary Numan's "Cars".

Great friggin' tune from the early 80's.

-- Stillerfan