As my 1st post, I am glad to contribute to the board. Just found the artist as I was looking for it too. It is Panjabi MC (featuring Jay-Z) - Beware of the Dogs... :D
Thanks man!
(Sorry if you're a chick, but it's a figure of speech...)
I need some major help. I'm trying to find this one song for my aunt so I can buy the cd for her birthday. She told me that she heard it on an episode of ER (sorry I can't detail it more, I don't watch the show). She said it was a remake of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and that it had Islander-style (Hawaiian, Caribbean, Jamaican, something along those lines) music to it. I'm positive that I heard it, for the first time, on the radio last night, but the dj never said by whom the song was by. Any help will be very much appreciated, thank you!
The only song I found that matched your description was from a 2002 episode. It is by a Hawaiian singer named Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, and his version of the song is called "Over the Rainbow." You can find it on his CD called "Facing Future."

Hope that helps.
Than you so much, I never would have found it without your help, I can't say thanks enough that would ever equal my gratitude (and that of my aunts, after I give her my gift). :D
I'm glad to help. That's what this site is for, afterall! ;)

Happy Bday to your aunt!
does anyone know what the music was that played when Carter and Kem dispensed of their baby's ashes over the ocean??

i've heard it before when Dr.Green died and it played during his funeral.

I didn't see the episode but during Dr. Green's funeral they played "Somehwere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo.
It starts out with "ok this one's for Gabby"....the singer is Hawaiian. Remember Green wanted to spend his final days there?

HTH :)
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is not the song. They want to know the musical piece that was played during Mark's funeral. I also noticed that piece of music has been played before on ER.
At the very begining of the eposide last night titled something like "A Doctors guide to the Galaxy" a great acoustic guitar song was playing with a woman singing.

Does anyone know what it is was?
The song is on the Vanilla sky soundtrack, cant think of the name b/c Im not at the house but check it on tower records to confirm. Hope this helps
I have the Vanilla Sky CD. If it's on the soundtrack, could it be Elevator Heat by Nancy Wilson? It's sung by a female and there is a great acoustic guitar opening...

There is another female sung song entitled "I Fall Apart" by Juliana Gianni, but it's definitely more rock than the other.

Does this help at all?
Alright kids... this one was a bit tricky... I KNEW I recognized Beth Orton's voice.... it is sung by her, but the song was released by the Chemical Brothers....

The song is "Where do I begin" and It IS on the Vanilla Sky Soundtrack... (good job :) as well as The Chemical Brothers "Dig your own hole"

I completely forgot about that song... since I didn't see the ER episode I wasn't sure what track it could be. Good tune though.