English Premier League Weekend Review Show


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hey guys, i have been using this website and it is very helpful.
i hope there aresome soccer fans out there... because this is a sort of tricky question...
ok, so here it goes...
does anyone watch Fox Soccer Channel? well, in that channel, there is a show called, EPL Review show, about the English soccer league, and in the beginning and ending of the show, there is a techno song that plays, i wanted to know if anyone knew the title and artist of it... please help, searching the website and the internet showed me nothing... thanks in advance!
Premier League Review Show

Hi guys--

This one is a bit of a tough one... last season's English Premier League Review Show (shown on FSC here in the states) aired a segment called "What The Papers Say". During that segment they had some cool techno-like music playing in the background... with drums, piano, etc. It sounds likes something Judge Jules would have done when he did the Premier League anthem a couple of seasons back, but I can't find any songs from him that sound similar to it.

Anyone know which song I'm talking about or where I could find more info on it?

YES!! I also trying to find but still nothing...PLease call the Queen and help us!