embarrassing photo...

Wow! That is damn funny! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile!
Thanks Michelle :lol:
:lol: Awesome.

That reminds me of that one link, the one that says "This is why you should never post your picture on the internet".. damn it I have to find that now.
Aww man.. the link's dead. I didn't realize I'd posted it though, I thought Ravi did for some reason. Huh.

Read through the entire thread though, Michelle your post at the very end cracked me up. :lol:
Here's a site for that kid (here), but it's only "10 Reasons Why." Still funny though.
Those are all great. And embarrassing. I wouldn't want to be any of those people. ;)
I randomly remembered this thread, so I had to revive it for the noobs. They've added a few new ones since the last time too...and it's still funny! :lol:
Yo Melissa, been a long time! How's life in "the basement" been treating all of you?

I looked up "why you should never post your picture" in the search box because I thought that was the name of this chic. Since you had mentioned that one here though, it brought me to this thread and voila! :D
Originally posted by dascoot@Jan 14 2006, 10:44 PM
Ohhhh hehehe. I'm good Adam, how are you? :)
Doing good too, thanks! I'll have to start posting more on here again, so I can keep up with what's going on in this little section of internet. ^_^