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I'm trying to figure out the song in the movie elf where they're dancing in the mail room after they've gotten drunk. It's kinda hip-hoppy, I know I know it, I just can't remember it.

Any help?
When Will Ferrell first enters NYC he begins running around NYC particularily the part right before he runs into the coffee shop with a sign "WORLD's BEST COFFEE." and he goes in and yells "Congratulations! World's best coffee...." The song playing during and before that scene...Anyone know the title/artist?

p.s. it's a man singing ....

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: Another misc. song question that has nothing to do with Elf but I want to know song name and artist. I saw video on country music channel where a man is singing a slow sad song and he is basically showing in one instance where a man will not allow his father to drive because he is too old. And then it shows how the Pledge of Alleg. is being taken out of our schools...children begin to disappear.
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre? Instruments?
For the Elf song it's a man -- it sounds like an old song. It's upbeat and the man sings "When it rains it rains....." when Will F. enters the coffee shop the man is singing about "Ravioli".... Also there is a powerful saxophone in the song

Regarding the country song the man sings "He'll never drive again..." then the chorus goes something like "I bet you'd give up too" Sorry I'm terrible at remembering lyrics. the song may be by a "terry nicohls" or something.
********* I found the country song I was implying about so scratch it. It was JOE NICHOLS - IF NOBODY BELIEVED IN YOU.

But if anyone knows the Elf song -- I would appreciate it.
here's a question. The song at the end of the credits. Its the girl from the movie singing. Its called "baby its cold outside".

I am trying to find that song ouside of buying the whole CD. Does anyone know where I can get that song? I checked itunes and amazon....

"Baby It's Cold Outside" by Leon Redbone and Zoey Deschanel. The song can be found on the Elf soundtrack. I would highly recommend purchasing the soundtrack; it's a great CD.
First of all I would just like to say you guys are the best. Anyway, whats the tune to elf played all at the end when the sled flies past everyone (its sorta like another version of Lonley by Akon)
I know what you're looking for, but sadly, I cant find the title of the song yet. It's not featured on the Elf Soundtrack, although I'm pretty sure that it was composed by Joh Debney. I will let you know when I have more information.
Ok, well that didn't take too long. The song is on the Elf Soundtrack by John Debney, not the one with various artists. While I couldn't find the song on an entire track, you can hear it in "Main Title" about halfway into the preview on amazon.com (Elf Soundtrack)