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I was wondering if anybody knows what the music is at the end of the Elektra trailer. It's the gothic choral music that starts with the caption "FROM THE FORCES THAT BROUGHT YOU X-MEN".

Appreciate any help:)
The one I was referring to is an international trailer, not domestic. The choral music is different in the international. Thanks for your help though. I looked on Soundtrack.net...but all they had was 'Army of Doom'...and that's not it...
I'm looking for this one too. I thought it was the music from the 1st Van Helsing trailer but now don't think so.
i'm looking for the song 58 secs into that same trailer right after she says "there will be more coming"

it starts a little technoish beat.

and 1:12 into it right after the guys from mortal kombat says "the task is yours"
which is another little nifty techno beat.

There's a new commercial out advertising the Elektra DVD coming out. The commercial has some sort of techno/trance-ish music in the background.

Anybody know what it is? :huh:
What song is used in the commercial of elektra? if there were more songs in elektra the commercial, name all of it. Thanks in advance.

they were talking about warrior beads, and walking her footpath.
Here are all the names of the songs used in the DVD Commercials

Back Bitter - Pfifer Broz
Suprise Attack w/ & w/o (Drums) - X-Ray Dog
Dethroned - X-Ray Dog
Valor Quest w/ & w/o (Choir) - X-Ray Dog
Scathing Rise - Pfeifer Broz
Ancient Warrior (Drums) - X-Ray Dog
Hitting Space - Pfeifer Broz
Secret Agent Remix - X-Ray Dog
Dead Man - X--Ray Dog
Time Lapse - X-Ray Dog
Clash Of Arms - X-Ray Dog
Voice From Beyond - Music Junkies
Distraction - Music Junkies
Dark Tower - Music Junkies
Stuff from Eggchair such as drones,hits,strings.
Stuff from Static as well.
does anyone know the name of that song and who sings it? thanks in advance. I like that song. I recorded the commercial and usually play it over and over, one of my family member recorded over the commercial so i do not know. I really really like that song. if there are 2 songs or more in the movie commercial on tv, name all of them. i think the commercial that i remember is that they are talking about warrior beads and she getting them of ebay.com
thanks in advance
it might be these cues

"Fighter" - Christina Aguiler
"Favorite" - Muy Bueno - Luke Tracks (Library Music)
Powder Sonic Machine - Luke Tracks (Library Music)
"Stop" - Sour - Luke Tracks (Library Music)
"Driven" - The Dirj Experiment - Luke Tracks (Library Music)
White Heat - Black Noise - Luke Tracks (Library Music)
I'm looking for a song used in the trailer of Elektra (trailer 1)
It's more at the end of the trailer.
thanks for your help.

(It's after she says :"i'm not a good person...)
Teaser Trailer :
01 Music Junkies "Dark Tower"
02 X-Ray Dog "Ancient Warrior'
03 XRD "Clash of Arms"
04 Music Junkies "Distraction"
05 XRD "Clash of Arms"
06 ???
07 XRD "Surprise Attack"

Theatrical Trailer :
01 Immediate Music "Snake Eyes"
02 ???
03 XRD "Shadowman"
04 Music Junkies "Stick Fighter"
05 XRD "Valor Quest"
06 ???
07 XRD "Dead Men"
08 Immediate "Orch & Choir Rise 5"

International Trailer :
01 Brand X Music "Poetic Destruction"
02 BXM "Criminal menagerie"
03 XRD "Shadowman"
04 Videohelper "Shattered"
05 Daniel Lenz "Nail Gun" (Riptide Music)
06 Logan Mader "Under my Skin" (Riptide Music)
07 Immediate "Orch & Choir Rise 5"
08 Boomerang! "Slayer"

Tv Spot : Christina Aguiler "Fighter"
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Finan Jacob "Base Jumper" - Other featurette
Logan Mader "Black & White" (Riptide Music) - Special Look
KPM Music "Maybe you're Ok" - Extended Featurette 1
KPM "Luan Blue" - Extended Featurette 1
KPM "Luth" - Extended Featurette 1
XRD "Battle Charge" - Extended Featurette 1
XRD "Battle Charge (Remix)" - Extended Featurette 1
KMFDM "Revenge" - Comic Con Featurette (music 1)
Chris Walden "Spooky Threat" - Special Look (Original scene after Reshoot by Studio)

Musics from Trailers ^^
Elektra 2005 - OST by Christophe Beck
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Theatrical Trailer :
01 Immediate Music "Snake Eyes"
02 ???
03 XRD "Shadowman"
04 Music Junkies "Stick Fighter"
05 XRD "Valor Quest"
06 Music Junkies "Rise of Terror"
07 XRD "Dead Men"
08 Immediate "Orch & Choir Rise 5"
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