Ehm, its an old Adult Swim Commercial


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Well, I searched the site and couldnt find anything related to this, so im really sorry if it was posted and im annoying everybody. Anyway, this song played during an adult swim commercial for its merchandise a while back. All the stuff floated on the screen while it played. Also, Disney channel plays it in their commercial for their new movie- Stuck in the Suburbs. The song plays for like only a couple seconds, and in the clip there are no words...just "OwwAa ooowaaa owaa" and the voice sounds synthesized Thanks for your patience

EDIT-If i remember right the adult swim one was for Hot Topic, advertising the shirts from Adult Swim
Oh dear!Well I googled 'trailer stuck in the suburbs' and found a WB message board with info about a singer who sings in the movie...
i need this song, or i'll go crazy.
i've been trying to find out what it was since i saw that adult swim commercial back in like december. anyways at least now we know it wasn't written solely for that commercial.

and i remember reading a thread you started about this osng when it was on that adult swim commercial, but you still got no answer.

somebody please help us :(