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Who sings the song used in Davidoff's Echo perfume ad? I saw it in a trailer for the new Bridget Jones in Canada. It is NOT "In the Sun" by Joseph Arthur (I guess that's the UK version). This one is a slow song with female vocals that resemble Emiliana Torrini. Can anyone help??
Well, I can tell you that's it's by BRITTA PHILLIPS of Luna. I haven't been able to track down the song though.

View the commercial here (#5).
sophist that's the one!

i can't find the song yet, but i'm looking through all the britta phillips songs i can find, thank you!

let me know if you figure it out first!
well, no, my question still hasn't been answered. sophist thinks she knows the artist, but we still can't find the song. i'm still trying to find out what it is!
You can put it back now, Michelle!

I contacted the agency, Q Department who told me that they produced the song, including the lyrics, for the commercial. They confirmed that it is sung by Britta.