Early Childhood Development (Gelatin Mold)


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There's a pair of Ad Council commercials that have been playing a lot together recently and both are about early childhood development. The first of the two features a 'gelatin mold' theme, and basically says that a young child's mind is like one, in that you have to put good stuff in it before it sets.

Anyway, I love the music used for this ad...it's a very warm, dreamy, early-synth-eletronic sound. Best guess would be that it's Tangerine Dream, and though I've heard a lot of their stuff, I haven't heard this before. But, then maybe it was produced specifically for the ad. Anybody know?
Yeah, that's the same campaign...but they don't seem to have the particular 'Jello Mold' ad I'm talking about on YouTube (or on their main site, for that matter). I've been seeing it at least a couple times a day lately on certain cable channels though.